McGruff® ID Armor™
Identity Theft Prevention Pack

Don't fall victim to identity theft. Protect your privacy. Get McGruff® ID Armor™ today!
The only solution to help prevent identity theft BEFORE it happens and cut down on the amount of annoying junk mail, spam and unsolicited phone calls you receive at home – now available for under $10.

McGruff ID Armor
The only solution to help prevent identity theft BEFORE it happens!

On your own, it would take hours of research and digging to get all the information and forms needed to protect yourself from identity theft. BoomerangIt, Inc., has done most of the dirty work for you, gathering all the important forms and data needed and assembling it into one convenient, inexpensive pack. 

What is McGruff ID Armor?
Identity Theft Info has teamed up with BoomerangIt to introduce the McGruff® ID Armor™ - Identity Theft Prevention Pack, a convenient, comprehensive tool designed to prevent identity theft and protect one’s privacy.

Great value.
For as little as the cost of a single credit report, McGruff ID Armor does what no credit monitoring service or identity theft insurance could do. It protects you from identity theft before a crime occurs.

Anyone can use it.
McGruff ID Armor is good for individuals, businesses and law enforcement. Also works for victims of identity theft to take immediate action to block fraudulent credit and prevent further damage.

Keeps your name and credit secure.
If an imposter tries to open fraudulent credit, creditors will be aware to call you and verify the application before issuing the credit. Protection lasts for as long as seven years.

Significantly reduces the amount of unwanted mail, phone and e-mail solicitations.

Convenient. Comprehensive. Easy-to-use.
It takes less than 30 minutes to review the information and complete the printed forms. Step-by-step directions and mailing labels are provided.


  • 3 Credit Bureau Letters

  • 1 Letter for Direct Marketers

  • Pre-addressed Mailing Labels

  • Useful Phone Numbers

McGruff ID Armor is the official identity theft prevention program of the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) and the California Union of Safety Employees (CAUSE). A portion of fees paid goes to fund NCPC and CAUSE programs.

Brought to you by BoomerangIt

Important Note!
Identity Theft Info customers, who place a combined order for McGruff ID Armor and any Identity Theft Info product, should be aware that McGruff ID Armor orders ship separately and, therefore, may not be received at the same time the Identity Theft Info product ordered is received.