Is Your Employer/Business 
Putting You At Risk?

(An excellent quiz for employers and employees to take)

Find out if your EMPLOYER, or the business' you frequent are putting you at risk for identity theft.  Answer our Quick Quiz Questions!

Do NOT fill this quiz out online.  Rather, write down your answers on a piece of paper and then hit the SCORE button to find out how you did!

1.  Does your organization shred personal information and other sensitive material prior to placing it in the dumpster?

  Does your organization conduct background checks on all individuals with access to personal and/or sensitive information?

3.  Does your organization limit the number of temporary agencies it uses?

4.  Does your organization use alternative numbers in the workplace instead of employee social security numbers?

5.  Does your organization train staff on information security issues?

6.  Does your organization control access to personal information and limit it to those who have a legitimate reason for access?

7.  Does your organization implement and enforce password security procedures for all computer users?

8.  Are employee's personal information locked in a file cabinet or other secure area?

9.  Has your organization developed guidelines to safeguard sensitive information?

10.  Does your organization promote company wide security awareness on proper information handling practices?