Community Action

Many state governments, agencies, and organizations are taking steps to curb the identity theft epidemic. The following are just a few of those steps:

  • California became the first state to create an agency to protect the privacy rights of consumers. The Office of Privacy Protection offers a lot of advice on how to protect your privacy and prevent identity theft. Their website- also provides links to other agencies that can assist with identity theft issues.
  • In Georgia, The Georgia Stop Identity Theft Network- brings together federal, state and local law enforcement, federal and local prosecutors, corporations and financial institutions to achieve three primary goals: educate the public and businesses; provide training for law enforcement; and establish a central database for victims to report identity theft.
  • In an attempt to prevent identity theft, Visa USA said it will stop merchants that take Visa payments from displaying all but the last four digits of a card number on receipts. The credit card issuer wants all merchants to remove the first twelve digits of the card number and its expiration date from receipts by July 2006.

While no one can guarantee you will not become a victim of identity theft, you can greatly minimize the chances of becoming a victim by implementing the safeguards laid out in 
"Johnny May's Guide to Preventing Identity Theft."